How would you like your feed delivered?

How would you like your feed delivered?

We can deliver your poultry feed in bulk or in bags (orders >3 tonne). Our fleet of lorries can make deliveries of between 6 and 27 tonne of bulk.

We also can provide bagged poultry feed in either 1 tonne tote bags, or 25kg and 20kg bags using third party hauliers.

To ensure that you receive the required quantity, all packing equipment is calibrated regularly. 1 tonne tote bags and smaller bags are labelled under strict guidelines as issued by the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC).

How we can supply your feed

  • Rigid lorries that can carry 18 – 20 tonne.
  • Articulated lorries that can carry up to 27 tonne.

    These vehicles have several compartments offering numerous permutations for the delivery to more than one house.
  • 1 tonne tote bags. (Not offered in quantities of less than 3 tonne)
  • 25kg bags
  • 20kg bags

Declarations Labelling

We like to be able to meet the needs of our customers and make doing business as straightforward as possible. Therefore, our bulk feed declaration labels are clear and easy to read, not squeezed onto a tiny bit of paper!