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Become a pullet supplier with Humphrey Pullets

We are actively looking for new contract pullet suppliers to meet the growing demand for free range and organic eggs.

With the right level of support, pullet rearing can be a very profitable business and so if you are interested, then please do get in touch!

The way it works is simple

We will provide you with day-old-chicks and support you every step of the way to rear them to 16 weeks of age.  You will need to provide rearing houses, heating, lighting, water, bedding and labour to rear the flock.

Throughout our sole aim is to deliver flocks that can express their full productive potential and through attention to detail and extensive experience, we will help you produce immunologically and physically robust pullets capable of sustained and productive laying cycles.

Why choose Humphrey Pullets

We have been operating exclusively in the poultry sector for over 85 years and have developed long term relationships with customers across the country. We can therefore provide you with the assurance that comes with a loyal and expanding customer base.

We rear to order and currently supply 1.5 million pullets annually from our rearing units. Our sites range in size from 30,000 to over 100,000 birds, and from our deep understanding of our customers’ requirements, produce robust immunologically sound birds that meet their laying objectives.

If this opportunity sounds attractive to you please get in touch with us directly on 01962 764 555 or for full contact information, visit the contact page of this website.

A note from a customer

I would like to thank you for your assistance over the past year and in particular your attention to detail giving me a first class flock having been reared by yourselves that to this day are still producing 90.1% and 92% in respective sheds.  Your pullets have been a breath of fresh air to us all at Protech without which I am not sure we would have continued.
Mick Holdaway, Protech Poultry Ltd