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Part II: Educating pullets ensures higher performing laying hens

In our previous blog post about rearing pullets we looked at the importance of protecting the young birds from disease and developing them into physically and immunologically healthy laying hens.

We go to great lengths at Humphrey Pullets to ensure that the birds we deliver are socialized, stress-free and familiar with our customers’ laying shed conditions.

For this to happen, it is important to provide the right environment for pullets to develop their natural instincts as birds, with positive behaviour to become part of a flock which collectively have good habits and can become happy productive hens.


Free range hens are social creatures. Productive and content flocks reared together and placed together in the laying house will be calmer than flocks amassed from different rearing flocks. Care is taken to ensure that natural foraging habits are developed in the rearing shed and that the conditions mimic as closely as possible the laying accommodation that they will be transported to.

Pullet barn free range hen

Our rearing sheds have raised platforms (jump ups) on two or three levels to encourage exploration, with access to feed and water in different areas. Learning to source feed and water from jump ups is a vital skill that pullets must develop to thrive in a multi-tier laying shed.

Birds are also litter-raised to encourage natural foraging activity. Temperature and humidity are also carefully controlled to ensure that their litter is dry and friable and to optimise the birds’ welfare.


We time deliveries to ensure that the birds’ stress is minimised during delivery. We usually travel overnight to avoid traffic hold ups, arriving at our destination farm in the early morning. A member of the support team is also on hand to help provide the pullets with the best possible introduction to the laying unit.

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