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Size matters: balancing bird welfare with the public’s taste for large eggs

We were delighted to be featured in the February edition of Ranger Magazine, with a 4-page spread titled, “Size matters: balancing bird welfare with the public’s taste for large eggs”. 

View the article  here .

View the article here.

The article discusses consumers increasing demand for larger eggs and how egg size can be influenced by numerous factors, such as age, lighting, feed and time of year.

Sharon Barnard from The Old Dairy Farm and Shop in East Sussex is featured in the article explaining the importance of her local Humphrey Feeds and Pullets representative Steve Clout in influencing egg size.

Sharon supplies both the catering industry, who want cheaper medium eggs, and the retail market, who are increasingly demanding larger eggs. By working closely with Sharon, Steve provides advice on measures that Sharon can take to meet her customer egg demands, whilst ensuring that bird welfare remains paramount.

To view the article in full, please click the link below.


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