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Farmers Weekly article on the key inputs for a quality pullet

Humphrey Feeds and Pullets, have been featured in a four page article in the latest edition of Farmers Weekly magazine.

The article titled “Rearer reveals secrets to getting pullets off to a good start”, discusses the measures that we go to, to ensure the birds develop into healthy, robust hens capable of achieving their genetic potential.

Key areas covered are:

View the article  here

View the article here

  • The importance of temperature in the early days of rear and also adjusting the temperature to match the client farm’s situation once the birds are fully feathered.

  • The need for detailed observation and record keeping throughout the pullet rearing process.

  • The development of a feed programme, formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of each development stage.

  • Training the birds to the plethora of housing systems that are available to free range producers.

  • Implementing a comprehensive vaccination programme, commencing in the hatchery and completed during the rearing phase.

  • Establishing a lighting programme in line with the customers’ egg size profile.

  • Transitioning to the laying house – what we do to ensure the delivery of the flock to the customer is as smooth as possible so the birds settle in quickly and acclimatise to their new environment.

To read the article in full please click the link below.


Humphrey Feed and Pullets

We have been working in poultry since 1932 and are fully focused on helping independent, free range and organic egg producers to achieve optimal performance from their flocks. A fundamental element to get right is receiving a healthy, stable, high quality pullet that is ready to lay.

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