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Former foodstuffs and the issue of plastic in poultry feed

Recycling is currently a high-profile issue and we are encouraged to look for ways to cut down on waste, but sometimes we can go too far just to meet legal requirements.

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The Guardian newspaper recently reported that 650,000 tonne of food for human consumption is being saved from landfill every year and incorporated into animal feed - so far so good. Some of this food is known as `biscuit meal’, or more loosely; confectionary waste.

Unfortunately, not all the food’s plastic packaging is separated out during the process so pieces of plastic wrapping can end up in the feed consumed by livestock. The alarming thing from our perspective, is that so long as the plastic content is kept below 0.15%, it is still a legal filler for animal feeds.

Research has shown that tiny plastic microparticles can pass through cell membranes and into the bloodstream, so they can end up in the food chain. It has already been tested in chickens and to understand the potential threat from plastic to the health of animals and human consumers more research is needed.

High quality labelled poultry feed

At Humphrey Feeds and Pullets all of our feeds are labelled so that our poultry farmer customers know exactly what materials we use to make their feed, giving them the confidence that they are feeding their birds with the best quality raw materials.

We never use biscuit meal, confectionary waste or any waste food destined for landfill, and only use ingredients from known and trusted sources.

As specialist poultry feed suppliers, we have an uncompromising approach to quality control and apply rigorous quality standards throughout the production process, so our product maintains its integrity at every stage through to delivery.

We currently produce over 500 different poultry feed diets to give farmers the right energy and nutrient balance for their flocks’ specific needs. The use of former foodstuffs may save on costs, but the nutritional variability of each load is not something we are willing to take the risk on. Birds in peak production are highly sensitive and will pick up the smallest nutritional change which can have a negative effect on their performance.

Humphrey Feeds and Pullets

We have been working in poultry since 1932 and are fully focused on helping independent, free range and organic egg producers to achieve optimal performance from their flocks.

If you would like to find out more about Humphrey Feeds and Pullets and how we can help you optimise the laying performance of your flock please call 01962 764 555 or email.