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High levels of laying performance require a quality reared pullet

Many factors contribute to making a productive laying flock - health, seasonal weather conditions, feed. Another key element for a profitable flock is the quality of pullet delivered to your farm.

The arrival of your flock is the culmination of 16 weeks of care and attention at a Humphrey Feeds and Pullets rearing farm, during which time we work to optimise every factor that influences the quality of each pullet:

Advance planning

quality reared pullet

At Humphrey Feeds and Pullets, our rearing houses are designed to match the styles and systems of the laying farm with our jump-up, multi-tier system as standard. Feed and watering systems are designed to familiarise the pullets with the type of systems they will encounter on the laying unit, reducing stress at transfer.

Our field specialists visit customers regularly to ensure that rearing and laying conditions can be matched as closely as possible, and to advise them how to prepare for delivery.


Customers are always welcome to visit their flock, to check on the birds’ progress for themselves. They receive weekly rearing reports on how their flock is developing, with comprehensive details on body weights and mortality.

We encourage them to handle and weigh the pullets to get a feel for the birds rather than just taking our word for it.


With every flock we try as much as possible to match the needs of our customers. The environment is closely monitored and kept fresh with clean air and carefully formulated rations to combat the challenges of modern vaccination programmes. Conditions are recorded and monitored by the site manager.

Our birds are encouraged to explore all aspects of the multi-tier environment. In this way the flock is prepared for conditions in the laying house and the next stage of their development.


Strict hygiene controls on entering the site, and when accessing individual flocks, greatly reduces the potential for disease. All chicks are fully vaccinated as standard and customers specific vaccine requirements can also be added to a bespoke programme with the consent of the customer’s vet.


With 85 years of experience in designing and milling our own pullet feeds we have the facilities in our own mill to create nourishing rations to give chicks the best start with the right balance of nutrients. We then adjust the grist and nutrient content through a programme of different diets to suit their age and optimise their development.


Birds are litter-raised to foster natural foraging activity, so that when they arrive on farm they move around, explore in and out of the shed and find the nest boxes. Grit is also made available to develop a healthy digestive system.

The result

Farmers receive pullets that are healthy, robust and fully wormed, ready to realise their productive potential as soon as possible.

Humphrey Feed and Pullets

We have been working in poultry since 1932 and are fully focused on helping independent, free range and organic egg producers to achieve optimal performance from their flocks.

A fundamental element to get right is receiving a healthy, stable, high quality pullet that is ready to lay.

If you would like to find out more about Humphrey Feeds and Pullets and how we can help you optimise the laying performance of your flock please email or call us on 01962 764555 .