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How to manage egg size

Variables Influencing Egg Size

The UK egg market is seeing a surge in demand for large eggs (63-73g) and a widening gap in prices paid to producers for large and medium sized eggs.

Whilst this provides an incentive for poultry farmers to increase the proportion of large eggs laid by their flocks, the question remains as to how far this can go before welfare issues become a factor.

We have recently published an ebook on the variables influencing egg size and how to balance bird welfare with the public’s taste for large eggs.

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Physiological factors such as bird genetics, age, feed and pullet quality, as well as environmental factors such as lighting and temperature, all impact egg size and can be adjusted to deliver the desired result.

The ebook looks at these variables and the steps that farmers can take to meet the public’s love affair with large eggs, whilst ensuring that bird welfare remains paramount.

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