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Poultry Specialist Profile: David Hope

David Hope

David Hope

Humphrey Feeds and Pullets’ poultry specialist David Hope, explains why he enjoys looking after customers - and their poultry.

David has always been interested in poultry and has been determined to follow this interest into his career. Now, in his early 30s, he is one of Humphrey Feeds and Pullets’ team of poultry specialists who provide customer support to egg producers.

David lives in Thame, Oxfordshire and looks after producers over a large area stretching across the Midlands. His work includes advising on appropriate feeding and management strategies, as well as assisting with flock deliveries.

“I make sure pullets arrive in the condition we expect our birds to be in, and are carefully unloaded,” said David. “It is important that we try to mirror the lighting and feeding patterns that the birds are used to from the rearing farm, and of course that the customer is happy with their new birds. It can be a stressful time for producers when their new flock arrives, as they’re relying on a quality pullet to set them up for the year ahead. I work with them to achieve the best we can from the birds.”

David initially returns to a new flock regularly, to check on their progress, weight gain, and assist with bringing the birds into lay.

Another key area in which David advises customers is selecting the right feed to optimise flock performance based on the progress of each individual flock. Each flock is very different and nutritional demands vary with time but David has a range of more than 500 Humphrey Feeds and Pullets diets to choose from.

Having grown up on his grandfather’s farm in Oxfordshire, David developed his interest in poultry by producing eggs, selling them in the local village as well as rearing birds to sell at markets. He studied at Harper Adams University before broadening his commercial experience at Daylesford Organic, Barrington Park Estate and Integra Food Secure.

David and his daughter Lottie, aged nine, enjoy busy weekends jam packed with pony club events and dance lessons. When not doing that, David enjoys running and has completed half marathons and hopes to complete a full marathon at some point.

David joined Humphrey Feeds and Pullets two years ago, and provides technical support ranging from offering advice to best manage birds, as well as advising on lighting programmes, feeding regimes best suited to the different production system or generally on matters such as bio-security.

David takes a great deal of pride in his job: “I really enjoy helping people solve problems, achieve better production and making sure the birds are well cared for. If they have a production problem or feed challenge, we work as a team to come up with a solution.”

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