Run a profitable, fully supported pullet rearing business

Run a profitable, fully supported pullet rearing business

To meet the growing demand for free range and organic eggs, we are expanding our pullet rearing production both internally and through collaborations with a number of contract producers.

If you have land or buildings that are suitable for pullet rearing and would like to run a profitable poultry business, fully supported by a company with over 85 years of rearing experience – then please do get in touch.

We currently supply 1.5 million pullets annually from our rearing units. Our sites range in size from 30,000 to over 100,000 birds, and are operated as single age units.  We rear to order and from our understanding of our customers’ laying objectives, produce robust birds that are able to express their full productive potential.

How it works


With support and guidance from our experienced pullet rearing team, we will help you build a well-managed and profitable business.  Ensuring the quality of our pullets is vital, so we will work together with you throughout the rearing period to share our knowledge and experience.

The way it works is simple. We will provide the day-old chicks, their feed and vaccinations.  Crucially, we will provide advice and guidance to help you manage the birds to our standards throughout the rear.  We will provide training to ensure that you are confident with the vaccination processes, knowing how each vaccine should be administered.  We will also provide routine vet visits and consultations.

You will provide clean disinfected rearing houses, heating, lighting, water, bedding and labour to rear the flock from day-old chicks to 16-week pullets.

Why choose Humphrey Pullets

We have been operating exclusively in the poultry sector for over 85 years and have developed long term relationships with customers across the country.  We can therefore provide you with an unrivalled level of support, knowledge and guidance and the assurance that comes with a loyal and expanding customer base.

It is in our mutual interest for your enterprise to be successful and, with the knowledge and support of our field and administrative teams, we can help you achieve this goal.

Join these farmers and take the next step to becoming a pullet supplier by contacting Humphrey Feeds & Pullets.