Enhancing the health and welfare of your flock

Enhancing the health and welfare of your flock

Humphrey Feeds produce many 'complete' compound feeds.  'Complete' is a legal term which means that the feed provides all the nutritional requirements for your birds.  Anything else the birds eat (grass, insects etc.), or anything else that is added, is over and above the carefully balanced nutrition which is provided in one of our complete compound feeds.

We can add a number of supplements or additives (many of them natural in origin) , to feed or prevent disease, protect the health and welfare of your flock as well as optimise production.

The type of supplements used will depend on the age and needs of your flock, and will be determined in consultation between you and your farm feed consultant.

The common supplements that we have available to include are:


Bio-Mos promotes beneficial bacteria and natural defences and helps fight deleterious bacteria.

Gastrointestinal (GI) health and integrity is essential for animal performance and Bio-Mos ‘feeds the GI tract’ and thus plays a critical role in animal nutrition and production.

  • Maintains gut health
  • Participates in normalising gut microflora
  • Reinforces the natural defences
  • Reinforces the function of the digestive system
  • Helps / contributes to managing the risk of diarrhoea

Bio-Mos is produced and marketed by Alltech a company with nearly 40 years’ experience of enhancing animal health and well-being, and which specializes in utilizing the benefits of specific yeast.

Yolk Pigments

We have several ranges of layers diets, differentiated by different types and levels of pigments.  All of our standard diets contain an ideal combination of yellow and red pigments to achieve a specific shade and type of yolk.

The yellow pigment used is a stabilised version of marigold, and the red can either be from a natural or a nature identical source of red.  The natural red is from a stabilised version of paprika, whereas the nature identical red (a food grade pigment), uses the same chemical that is naturally available to produce usually a darker level.

We can add extra natural or nature identical to deepen the orange colour of the yolk.

Marine Shells

Marine shells can be added as laying birds age.  Marine shells provide additional larger particles of calcium over and above the level of limestone in the feed.

Calcium is essential for skeletal development in the young bird, but also for shell development in the mature layer.  Additional calcium in the form of marine shells, not only supports the health of the gizzard, but provides slower release calcium for when the shell is being produced.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Poultry require sodium to help maintain the essential electrolyte balance necessary for healthy life.  We add more sodium in free range diets than would normally be found in birds in colonies, which helps the more active free range birds with the challenges of their changing environment.  It is possible to add more sodium to help keep the birds stress free.

Organic Acids

These are included for the microbial control of health threatening bacteria. In particular salmonella and e-coli.  Organic acids will further enhance the benefits provided by Bio-Mos and Herban.


This is a natural source of selenium, an essential trace element. It is vital for optimising bird health and egg viability. It is easily absorbed by the bird and contributes to:

  • Breeding performance – through improved sperm motility and vigour
  • Chick immunity


We offer a range of anti-coccidial treatments.

Flubenvet is a broad spectrum wormer, effective against most worms throughout their life cycle. It is an in-feed medication which is recommended for use over a maximum 7-day period.

This is not an exhaustive list of supplements or additives. There are more that can be added, and we would be pleased to discuss them with you, to ensure that your birds receive the nutrients and the additives they need.