Specialists in optimising free range egg production

Specialists in optimising free range egg production

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced free range poultry specialists have been supporting independent free range egg farmers since the middle of the 1980s.

Free range birds need to be robust, as they enjoy the challenges of the changing seasons.  In our free range poultry feed, we have developed the optimal balance between nutrition and performance, fully understanding its importance in free range flocks.

Tailored diets to match your free range poultry feed requirements


Unlike many other free range poultry feed manufacturers who will produce a limited range of free range feeds, Humphrey Feeds currently formulate and manufacture over 500 different feeds and, through our uncompromising approach to bird nutrition, can match a diet to the specific needs of your free range flock.

Similarly, our pullet rearing team will work with you to understand your individual requirements to deliver to you a robust pullet, with good natural immunity, that is best able to fulfill its genetic potential on your farm.

It is this flexibility, together with our specialist knowledge of the entire free range egg production process, that can offer outstanding benefits for your birds’ performance, welfare and profit.