Customised diets, individual to your flock

Customised diets, individual to your flock

As a specialist poultry feed supplier we have an extensive range of poultry feed diets to match all requirements, but if a new situation arises, we will create a diet that is customised to the specific needs of your flock, optimising its performance to meet your individual laying objectives.

We currently produce over 500 different poultry feed diets, offering outstanding benefits for your birds’ performance, welfare and ultimately your profit.

Fresh poultry feed, made to order

Our poultry feed is made to meet your order, not made to a stock – so it is always fresh.   We have designed diets for all types of commercial poultry; free-range, barn and organic layers, as well as specialist breedering diets for parent and grandparent stock and seasonal feed for turkeys.  We design specifically focussed poultry feeds which provide increased control of egg size, improved shell quality, as well as nutritionally enhanced eggs to meet specific market requirements.

Finding the right balance between levels of nutrition, energy and performance is what we are focused to achieve for you and your flocks.

We have been egg producers for 85 years, making our own feed for much of that time, and our approach to producing poultry feed has been consistent – use the best raw materials (not variable and inconsistent by-products) and do not cut corners.

Ingredients from known and trusted origins

For many years of poultry feed manufacture, our approach to producing layers feeds has remained a constant.  As specialist poultry feed suppliers, we have an uncompromising approach to quality control using feed ingredients from known and trusted origins, enabling us to ensure feed consistency in terms of grist, and the nutrition provided to the birds we feed.

Our specialist poultry feed mill has been designed to grind raw materials optimally using any of our 18 different grist settings and offers the birds we feed the most consistent feed grist found in the UK.  The different grists of mash allow us to tailor feeds specifically to all stages of the birds’ life cycle as well as all types of birds.