The UK’s leading supplier of organic poultry feed

The UK’s leading supplier of organic poultry feed

Organic poultry feed production is important to us.  We have produced organic poultry feed for nearly 20 years, applying our key principles of producing excellent quality, balanced nutrition using the most suitable and best organic materials available.

Today, we can provide our customers with a range of over 85 organic poultry diets for both laying and meat birds.

As specialist organic poultry feed suppliers, we really understand what your flocks need, and have applied that depth of knowledge to our organic ranges.  Organic standards apply certain limits to the composition of poultry feeds, and we strive to ensure that our organic nutrition is optimal for the birds that we feed.  

Balanced, nutritious organic diets

We use approved fishmeal in our diets to help balance the nutrition, otherwise the feeds would be imbalanced and in deficit of certain nutrients, in particular amino acids, the building blocks of protein.  Whilst we do offer some diets without fishmeal, those diets can have some degree of compromise in their nutrition, so we would advise poultry farmers to use the better diets that include fishmeal.

At Humphrey Feeds, all the organic ingredients we select are chosen for the nutrients they provide, their palatability and cost-effectiveness.  We follow EU organic regulations, which are then certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers.  All our organic feed is free from:

  • genetically modified ingredients
  • pesticides
  • chemically treated grains
  • land animal by-products
  • antibiotics

You can be assured that your birds and the eggs they produce are compliant with all organic regulations.

Organic mash

Humphrey Feeds is one of the few feed manufacturers able to supply organic mash.

The texture and nature of some organic raw materials makes it difficult to grind effectively, but because of our grinding process and its flexibility, we can achieve suitable organic grist.

Whilst it is usual to feed pellets to meat birds, mash is the most suitable form to present feed to laying birds.  Laying birds fed pellets can tend to eat too much, which in turn compromises the nutrition, and can lead to excessive egg size.  Humphrey Feeds are pleased to be able to produce an organic grist which is attractive to the birds, yet does not encourage welfare diminishing larger egg sizes.

We have a team of experienced poultry field specialists who are all extremely knowledgeable not only in the organic field, but the entire extensive (outside) poultry production processes. They will work with you every step of the way to help optimise the performance of your flock.