Balancing nutrition, energy and performance

Balancing nutrition, energy and performance

As a specialist poultry feed supplier, finding the right balance between levels of nutrition, energy and performance is what we do.

With over 500 specialised diets currently available, we can provide your birds with poultry feed that is tailored to the needs of your flock throughout all stages of their life, whilst achieving your performance objectives.

The ingredients and composition of our feeds are key to optimizing your birds’ performance, welfare and your profit.  We only source the best ingredients from known origins, thereby ensuring a consistency that we can control and that our customers can trust.

The raw materials we select are chosen for the nutrients they provide, their palatability (are they tasty enough to encourage the birds to eat the right amount) and cost-effective contribution to the diet.

Cereal grains

Cereals are used to meet the energy requirement of the birds.  We mostly use wheat and sometimes barley.

Protein meals

Our vegetable proteins predominantly originate from soybeans and sunflowers and are included in the feed once the oil has been extracted.


Oils top up the energy provided by cereals.  We use two different types of oil to allow us to achieve egg size targets, and then crucially to control egg size later in lay.  

Minerals and vitamins

Minerals and vitamins are vital for the growth and development of poultry. Bone formation and enzyme activation require balanced and optimal quantities of calcium and phosphorus.