Support and guidance, every step of the way

Support and guidance, every step of the way

At Humphrey Feeds & Pullets everything we know goes into advancing your poultry performance.  Our team of experienced poultry specialists will work with you to optimise the performance of your flock, and ultimately your profit.

As dedicated poultry specialists with an 85-year history of advancing poultry performance, we understand that farmers trust us with their livelihoods, so we are passionate about passing on the knowledge we have gained.

Achieving your laying objectives

We know that no one flock is the same, which is why your experienced poultry specialists can work with you every step of the way to make sure that your birds have the right feed, ventilation, water and environmental conditions to meet your laying objectives.

Whether developing a diet to meet the specific needs of your flock, or finding the right grist for the birds or advising on bird husbandry and welfare, we want you to profit from our knowledge, and have the years of dedicated poultry expertise to ensure the management and performance of your flock is optimised.