Delivering on target pullets, ready to lay

Delivering on target pullets, ready to lay

It is crucial to give your birds the best possible start, which means making sure that when they are ready to transfer from the rearing farm, they are healthy and at or above the breed target weight.

Our focus during the move is to keep the birds’ stress levels low.  As much as possible, we want your flock to be in a like for like system so that they feel immediately at home when arriving on your farm.  For example, if you are going to use bell drinkers during lay, we will use them in our pullet rearing sheds as well.

Meeting the target weight

We will load your pullets at or above the breed target weight to accommodate for any loses during transportation.

Our preferred approach is to load them late in the afternoon and transport over night when its cooler, darker and the birds tend to be at rest.  They are then unloaded early in the morning, allowing the rest of the day to help ensure the flock settle in and are eating and drinking correctly in their new environment.