Providing the foundation for successful egg production

Providing the foundation for successful egg production

Housing a well reared robust pullet is the foundation of a successful laying cycle. At Humphrey Pullets we are a point of lay pullet supplier, and rear day old chicks to 16 weeks of age.  We work with all commercial breeders focusing on breeds specifically for the free range and organic sectors.

Our sole aim is to deliver flocks that are able to express their full productive potential.  Through attention to detail and extensive experience, we produce immunologically and physically robust pullets capable of sustained and productive laying cycles.

Attention to detail at every stage

A member of our team of experienced poultry specialists, will work with you to fully understand your requirements and adjust the pullet rearing program so that the birds are most suited to your requirements.  Ideally, we want the flock to be in a rearing environment which will mimic the conditions in your laying house as closely as possible.

The quality and composition of feed is a crucial element to the rearing process.  Unlike other point of lay pullet suppliers, we can adjust grists and nutrition to meet the needs of the flock, which gives us the opportunity to ensure that you take delivery of a healthy flock with good natural immunity which will perform on your farm.

Ensuring that your pullets meet and are robust enough to cope with your laying requirements whilst producing eggs suitable to market, requires attention to detail at every stage of the rearing process - everything must be right.