Supporting organic farming

Supporting organic farming

We are proud to be the UK’s leading supplier of organic poultry feed, and can provide our customers with a range of over 85 organic poultry diets for both laying and meat birds. 

We work in partnership with Organic UK to promoting organic food to consumers.  The Organic UK campaign actively promotes the consumption of organic products aiming to inform consumers as to why they should buy organic, along with the benefits of organic food.

Partly through their efforts, the market for organic products through the supermarket continues to grow, surpassing £2 billion in 2017.

Humphrey Feeds & Pullets regularly works with Organic Farmers and Growers (our organic certifier), DEFRA and the European Union to guide them on matters of organic poultry nutrition and feed production to ensure that at all times the feed that we and other EU organic feed manufacturers produce is compliant with the ethos of organic, whilst ensuring that it meets the birds’ nutritional and welfare needs.

Consisent and optimal organic nutrition

For two decades, our approach to producing organic layers feed has not changed.  We source the most suitable and best organic materials available from known and trusted sources, enabling us to ensure that our organic nutrition remains consistent and optimal for the birds that we feed.

We have produced organic poultry feed for nearly 20 years and are one of only a few feed manufacturers to be able to produce organic mash, the most suitable feed form for laying birds.