100% Organic Poultry Diets -  The Challenge

100% Organic Poultry Diets
- The Challenge

Everyone involved in the organic community are keen for diets to be as organic as possible, and indeed ruminant feeds are 100% organic.

The simpler digestive systems of mono-gastric animals, particularly poultry, means that there is not the nutritional latitude to achieve nutritionally effective 100% diets without compromising bird welfare. 

Across the EU, the standard for organic poultry feed is that the diets are 95% organic, with 5% being made up from a short 'Green List' of approved raw materials for incorporation in organic diets.  Green list materials are richer in certain amino acids, in particular methionine, which is naturally lacking in the organic raw materials that are available.  In conventional diets, these amino acids would be supplied using 'synthetic' amino acids, which are forbidden to be used in organic diets.  The EU Commission accepts that organic poultry diets cannot yet achieved 100% organic raw materials.

Organic poultry diets that do not compromise bird welfare

Our poultry diets are 95% organic, and do not compromise the welfare of birds, and unless new organically approved raw materials are used, Humphrey Feeds will reluctantly continue to support 95% organic diets for poultry, as we want to ensure that organic poultry welfare is always optimal. 

We have made 100% diets, but they do have some element of nutritional compromise, and are less economically effective for the farmer, as well as being nutritionally wasteful – something organic should never be. 

The Humphrey Feeds team have over many years informed and influenced policy decision makers in the UK and EU Commission on this important issue for organic.