A quality system you can trust

A quality system you can trust

We have an integrated quality system that satisfies the requirements of all internal and external audits.  Our audit programme continually verifies our standards and processes, the results of which are regularly reviewed to ensure continual improvement in the efficiency and traceability of the manufacturing and rearing process.

Our approach to producing our feeds has remained constant.  We use a narrow selection of raw materials that are consistent in quality and nutritionally wholesome in our feeds.  Incoming materials are sampled and inspected prior to acceptance.  All feeds are automatically sampled and assessed before being cleared for dispatch.

We rear our pullets to industry and regulatory standards to deliver robust pullets capable of maximising egg production.  Birds are vaccinated to a comprehensive programme to ensure pullet health.  In some circumstances it may be possible to tailor the vaccine requirement to meet specific customer requirements.  

Our quality system includes the following elements:

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (HACCP)
A preventative approach to food safety addressing physical, chemical and biological hazards.  It is a systematic approach to food safety, and is an essential element of our quality control and due diligence for food safety.

We ensure that the mill is kept clean and all doors are shut.  Our Total Clean Policy (TCP) encompasses the mill, the feed, distribution and the environment.  Microbiological security of the mill and surrounding area is of paramount importance to the effectiveness of the poultry feed and to the health and performance of livestock.

Microbial Analysis
Due to our commitment to producing clean poultry feed, we submit approximately 100 samples of raw materials for salmonella testing per month.  This level of scrutiny is 50 times higher than the legal minimum, and means that over 20 years we have an extensive database of information about Enterobacteriaceae and Salmonella.   All stages of the production process are subjected to thorough testing from raw material, production process, finished feed, out loading and delivery of feed.

Termin 8
A salmonella inhibitor can be included in our feeds to eliminate micro-organisms and give extended protection to the livestock on the farm.

Vehicle Cleaning
All vehicles are subjected to thorough cleaning and disinfecting.  Discharge and loading takes place in bays where security doors prevent access of vermin and wild birds.  All operations are constantly under scrutiny for improvement.