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Poultry Specialist Profile: Gwenda Wozencraft

You don’t have to talk to Gwenda Wozencraft for long to discover her passion for working with customers and their birds: “I love my job and I hope my enthusiasm rubs off on my customers as I am completely committed to helping them be successful in their businesses.”

Gwenda Wozencraft

Gwenda Wozencraft

Gwenda is a feeds and pullets specialist for Humphrey Feeds & Pullets. Currently supporting over 30 producers with 700,000 birds, Gwenda’s approach to her work is to be supportive, easily accessible for customers and always ready to offer practical, hands on advice.

Gwenda works alongside her customers to understand clearly what they want to achieve from their flocks and to be with them throughout their duration on farm; this includes working the irregular hours they do so she is available when needed.

Gwenda also greatly values the support of the close team at Humphrey Feeds & Pullets who meet regularly to share best practice, advice and ideas and keep themselves up to date on what’s happening in the industry. This and the wider network available to Gwenda throughout the industry has helped her build a depth of knowledge about systems and new technological advances, so her customers get the most from their investments.

It is not unusual to see Gwenda in poultry houses at all times of the day and night to observe the birds’ behaviour. An example of this is when she helps farmers establish the right lighting regime to assist the birds roosting and maximise egg production. “By far my most valuable source of information are the birds themselves,” she says.

It is little wonder that Gwenda’s customer base is growing through her well-respected reputation and referrals in Wales and the Borders, her base core area.

Gwenda is very fortunate to have a very supportive partner Gareth who works similar hours as a builder, and they are currently in the process of building a house together on the family farm.

Humphrey Feed and Pullets

We have been working in poultry since 1932 and are fully focused on helping independent, free range and organic egg producers achieve optimal laying performance from their flocks.

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